Brief introduction of well-used submersible electric pump
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Brief introduction of well-used submersible electric pump

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The QJ series of well-used submersible pumps and submersible motors (hereinafter referred to as submersible pumps) produced by our company are based on national standards, absorbing the advanced concepts of domestic and foreign submersible pumps and submersible motors, combined with the company's mechanical processing advantages, and finely crafted Manufactured. It has the characteristics of energy saving, high efficiency, high reliability, and long life. The company's submersible pump market is positioned as: urban and rural tap water, industrial and mining, transportation, oil field water supply and other places with high product quality requirements, and it is also suitable for agricultural irrigation.
一, The characteristics of the company's submersible electric pump
1. Advanced design concept. The structural design of submersible pumps and submersible motors draws on domestic and foreign advanced concepts; draws on the hydraulic model design of international advanced submersible pump companies such as Germany; adopts domestic famous motor electromagnetic calculation software to optimize the design of submersible motors.
2. Sophisticated equipment, advanced and reasonable craftsmanship, perfect tooling, strict quality control system, well-trained and experienced staff provide a guarantee for product quality.
3. Product parts and materials, supporting materials (such as silicon steel sheets for motors, water-resistant electromagnetic wires, cables), standard parts, etc. are selected from well-known manufacturers with IS9000 certification.
4. Submersible pumps and submersible motors highlight the concept of green and environmental protection. Energy-saving and high-efficiency; long maintenance cycle; long service life; increase the number of replaceable sets of friction pairs as much as possible. Reduce unnecessary waste of social resources, reduce user use and maintenance expenses.
二, Conditions of use of submersible pumps
The submersible pump can run for a long time under the following conditions.
Power supply: Frequency: 50Hz; Rated voltage: 380V (three-phase AC power supply).
Installation status: The submersible pump should be submerged in the water, and the depth of the submersible pump should not be 70 meters. The submersible electric pump is installed vertically (some models can be installed horizontally. See the sample description for details).
Operating flow: The flow of the submersible pump during operation should not be greater than 1.2 times the rated flow (referring to the flow corresponding to the high-efficiency point of the submersible pump).
Water medium conditions:
(1), the temperature is not higher than 20℃;
(2), the solid content (by mass) is not more than 0.01%;
(3), PH value between 6.5~8.5:
(4) The content of hydrogen sulfide is not more than 1.5 mg/L;
(5), the content of hydrogen ion is not more than 400 mg/L;
三. Submersible pumps outside the scope of use conditions (if the use conditions are outside the scope of paragraph 2, please declare when ordering)
1. Drain the precipitation submersible pump:
Open-pit mines, underground constructions, mine pits and other drains often drop from a few meters to hundreds of meters above the ground. The head of the submersible pump used is related to the final precipitation level. In the initial dewatering, the actual head is very low, and the operating flow of the submersible pump far exceeds the rated flow. Choosing a standard submersible pump will accelerate the wear of the thrust bearing on the submersible motor and cause the motor to burn out. The company can provide solutions to enable users to safely and reliably use submersible pumps to drain precipitation.
2, horizontal installation submersible pump
The following submersible pumps can be installed horizontally.
150QJ6.5-38/4~104.5/11, 250QJ125-29/1
150QJ13-9/1~99/11, 250QJ140-27/1
150QJ25-605/1~32.5/5, 250QJ230-20.5/1
200QJ32-14/1~70/5, 300QJ320-40/2~63/3
200QJ50-15/1~75/5, 350QJ360-36/1
200QJ64-15.5/1-77.5/5, 250QJ125-87/3
250QJ80-14/1~56/4, 250QJ140-78/3
250QJ100-14/1-42/3, 250QJ230-60/3
3. Hot water submersible pump:
For occasions where the water temperature exceeds 20°C, such as hot springs, where the hot water is raised, the company can provide hot water submersible pumps.
4, down-suction submersible pump:
For pools and large wells, the water level drops to the inlet shell when the submersible pump is running, making the submersible pump unable to pump water. A suction cover can be installed on the submersible pump so that the suction port of the submersible pump is at the bottom of the motor (a submersible pump with a suction cover installed, the water level should be higher than the inlet shell when starting).
5. Submersible pumps resistant to seawater and other corrosive media:
The company can change the submersible pump's surface protection by changing the material of the submersible pump, so that the submersible pump is suitable for different corrosive media.
6. ​​Sand-resistant submersible pump:
When the sand content in the water exceeds 0.01%, the operating life and maintenance cycle of the standard submersible pump will be shortened. The company adopts abrasion-resistant technology to provide users with sand-resistant submersible pumps (all products in the sample can be transformed into sand-resistant Submersible pump).
7, can provide 60Hz and rated voltage of 220V, 660V submersible pump.
In addition, we can also provide a complete solution according to the user's other special conditions of use.
四, selection instructions
When the user selects and places an order for the first time, please provide the following parameters.
User requirements for traffic;
The minimum well diameter and the depth of the well; the static water level, dynamic water level and water inflow of the well (provided by the well drilling team); the height difference and outlet pressure requirements from the well head to the outlet of the water pipe; the inner diameter, material and length of the surface water pipe; the water pipe configuration The number of elbows and valves; voltage, frequency and power capacity status.
五, complete range
Submersible pumps, submersible motors, cables, water pipes, elbows, gaskets, bolts, nuts, cable joints, splints, check valves (according to our factory certification)
The above can be supplied in complete sets according to user requirements, or part of the supply. When ordering, please specify in the contract. (Our factory can also provide pressure gauges, gate valves, starters, protectors and water level pressure controllers according to user requirements)
Description: As the company's technology continues to improve, the product structure provided by the sample may be improved. The company does not guarantee that the product structure and the sample provided are completely consistent, but the product quality and performance indicators are guaranteed.
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