VLC vertical long shaft pump
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VLC vertical long shaft pump

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Operation range:

VLC vertical long shaft pump is widely used for water treatment, sewage water treatment, power plant, Iron and steel industry, mining, public engineering, irrigation, and water conservancy and so on. It can also be used to transport clean water and sewage water which is contain some solid particle( scrap iron, gravel, braize), corrosive industrial sewage water, sea water, the temperature of transport liquid can not exceed 80℃.


Performance range:

Capacity  Q:60~8400 m3/h     

Head    H:12.5~94.5 m

Description of pump type:


150 — pump discharge diameter

VLC — Vertical long shaft pump

3 — Impeller stage(Omitting 1 if the pump only one stage)

90 — Design point head without cut.

A — Impeller outer diameter cutting code.

L — Submerge depth

Construction Feature:

VLC vertical long shaft pump’s suction straight down, discharge horizontal , single basic installation.

  1. Pump suction installs filter, and with suited hole,  it not only prevent the bigger particle enter into pump and broken pump, but also ensure inflow water area.  Lower suction loss, improve pump efficiency.

2. Take a full Consideration of the impeller and vane abrasion resistance, extend the life of  impeller and other wear parts.  Multistage Impeller and defuser are adapt to varies head .

3. The Impeller can balance its’ axial force by balance hole, there is replaceable special dam type seal ring installed the throatbush and frame plate liner insert that can protect impeller and casing. It can prevent impurity sediment enter into the suction seal ring gap, this can exceed the using life of seal ring and impeller.

4. Middle shaft, water pipes and protective tube are knobby.middle shaft used sleeve coupling technology, improve radial direction and shaft grade, it can reduce pump vibration. The quantity of water tube can be supplied according the customer need the under water.

5. Water tube in pump connect by flange, install guide bearing in the middle. The material for guide bearing is  PTFE or nitrile rubber ( it used in the medium that the temperature is higher than 55℃).

6. Shaft is protected by protective tube, when transport clean water,  cancel the protective tube, the guide bearing don’t need to connect cooling lubrication water. When transport waste water, guide bearing need cooling lubrication water.

7. Suitable length rotor shaft, enough rigidity, complete machine’s critical speed is 3 times higher  than pump speed, pump has no resonance .

8. Pump shaft seal is packing seal, mechanical seal can also be taken. There is replaceable shaft sleeve installed during shaft seal and guide bearing, this can protect the shaft.

9. Pump residual axial force and rotor parts weight can be bear by its’ own thrust bearing or motor that have  thrust bearing  . The thrust bearing can be lubricated by thin oil, cooling by exterior water or by itself.

10. Axial position of the impeller can be adjusted by the nut on the top of bearing unit or in the pump coupling .it  is  very convenient.

11. Pump can be installed with control cabinet which obtain Auto start-stop, over load alarm and  Real-time remote monitoring function and so on, it can achieve  multiple pump connected to the remote centralized control . There is self-motion venting system installed if the pump caliber exceed 500mm.

Pump rotation:

Pump connected the motor directly. Pump rotation is anticlockwise when overlook from the motor end.

Model selection introduction:

You can reference to the performance parameter list, the specification listed is :in a atmospheric , the test performance for normal temperature clean water without lifting tube and strainer. When calculating installation head, the loss of lifting tube and strainer can according to 1.5M loss every 10m.




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Products are widely used in various industries and sectors of the national economy such as petrochemicals, energy and power, metallurgical mines, military ships, urban and rural water affairs, agricultural irrigation, etc., providing a large number of pumping equipment for the country's economic construction and making due contributions.






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