AMP horizontal split double volute centrifugal pump
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AMP horizontal split double volute centrifugal pump

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AMP series of pumps are horizontal axially split with double volute casing centrifugal pumps. The pumps are widely applied in fields of petrochemicals, petroleum pipeline transportation, oil refinery, coal chemical industry, power plant, sea water desalination etc. Typical duties are power plant boiler feeding, oil fields water injection, ash water pump for coal chemicals, lean methanol transportation and other high pressure duties.

Performance range:

Capacity     Q:6~1600 m3/h  

Head       H: ~1800 m

Pressure     p: 10~35MPa(5MPa)

Temperature   t: -30~200℃

Description of pump type:

AMP 160-120×8

AMP — Horizontal axially split double casing centrifugal pump

160 — Pump design point flow (m3/h)

120 — Single stage head (m)

8 — Pump stages

Structure Features:

1. Series AMP of pumps have horizontal axially split structure, with suction and discharge below the pump shaft center line, and vertical to the shaft line to be in horizontal direction. It facilitates easy disassembling and maintenance without moving inlet and outlet pipeline.

2. The impellor is single suction close type, with symmetrical back-to-back structure so that ensured small axial force for rotor parts, and small load to bearings. The first impellor can also be double suction to meet duty requirements of big flow and low NPSH.

3. The axially split double volute casing is with hydraulic liquid way fine casted, so that the hydraulic area is bigger, and radial force automatically balanced, which greatly reduced bearing loading and shaft distortion.

4. The casing wearing is exchangeable standard integral wearing, with tongue-type fixed. Stop pin is used on the axially split position.

5. The seal chamber size is according to API682, applicable for different structure of seal and flushing plan. Adequate chamber size is convenient for seals maintenance or exchanging.  

6. The shaft is optimized designing to meet hydraulic performance requirement. The multidiameter shaft is easy for assembling, and tapered shaft extent is easy for couplingdisassembling. The big shaft diameter design ensured rotor with good stiffness, small deflection, seals ring clearance, and reliableoperation.

7. The whole throttle bushing is used for pressure releasing to reduce the pressure in seal chamber. And the varying of the bushing size can also balance the axial force.

8. In a whole to balance the piping to ensure same working pressure in the seal chamber on both sides. So auxiliary connection is no necessary.

9. The bearings cooling with fan or air are both available to meet high temperature duties. The reliable Labyrinth seals ring can effectively avoid lubricant leaking and ash in bearing house.

10.There are two ways of bearings fitting. One is radial bearings of sliding bearings. The angular contact ball bearings balance theresidual axial force, so as to keep the rotor parts strength to a maximum extent. The other is rolling bearings for shaft radial and thrust bearing. The radial force is born through cylindrical rolling bearing while the axial force is absorbed by a pair of preloaded angular contact ball bearings. So the bearings working life can be greatly prolonged if radial and axial forces are born by different bearings.

Rotation direction of pump:

The pumps are clockwise rotating viewed from driving end. Counter clockwise is also available if required by users.




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Scope of application

Products are widely used in various industries and sectors of the national economy such as petrochemicals, energy and power, metallurgical mines, military ships, urban and rural water affairs, agricultural irrigation, etc., providing a large number of pumping equipment for the country's economic construction and making due contributions.






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