VLY long shaft submerged pump
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VLY long shaft submerged pump

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VLY series of pumps are single stage and single suction with radial split long shaft submerged pumps. The pumps are suitable for handling clean liquid without solids, or sewage water with solids, slurry and corrosive liquid. This series of pumps are mainly applied for industries like sewage treatment, power plant, steel-making plant, oil refineries, petro chemicals, coal industries etc.


Capacity     Q: 2 to 400 m3/h  

Head        H: 5 to 200 m

Pressure      p: ≤2.5MPa

Temperature   t: -20℃ to +120℃

Description of pump type:


VLY — Pump series (standard close impellor, VLYK for open impellor)

80 — Pump discharge diameter (mm)

200 — Impellor nominal diameter (mm)

L — Submerged length (m)

Construction Features:

Series of pumps are highly safe, reliable and stable in operation, and have long operation life. The maintenance is easy, and has less categories of spare parts with wide exchangeability.

The pump casing is radial split, and is double volute casing design for flange nominal size 80mm and above so as to reduce radial force and pump vibration caused by hydraulic acting.

Fully considered anti-wearing and corrosion resistance for impellor and diffuser so that the life of impellor and other easy worn parts is prolonged. The impellor and diffuser are multi-stage design which can meet various requirement in head.

· The axial force is balanced through balancing hole for impellor. The front and rare cover of impellor are equipped with exchangeable specialladder type seals ring to protect the impellor and pump casing. This effectively avoided foreign matters settling into the seals ring inlet gaps after pump stopping. So the operation life of seals ring and impellor are greatly extended.

Pump shaft is designed for reliable extension-connection type with multi-supporting point, which guaranteed stable operation under critical services. The maximum submergence length is 10m.

The pump shaft can be protected by tube to avoid wearing or corrosion. And the protection tube is unnecessary when clean water is handled.

Pump suction is installed filter with proper mesh size which effectively stopped big solids entering and damaging the pump, at the same time ensured net inlet area and reduced suction loss to a maximum degree, the pump efficiency is increased either.

Pump impellor and casing is submerged under water, so there will not be any problem of draining and venting when pump is starting.

Separate discharge pipe of pump has no pressurized liquid leakage in shaft direction. And if used in open type of system, the shaft seal is no necessary; If used in close type of system as well as easy volatile or toxic liquid, mechanical seal or packing seal will be available.

Rotating parts can be axially adjusted and are supported with rolling bearings and sliding bearings. The grease lubricated bearings are fitted on the sole plate.

The sliding bearings are self-lubricated or outer lubricated. The self-lubrication structure (flush and lubricate each bearing with pumped liquid from pump discharge, and then take away the heat produced by friction pair) is suitable to transfer clean liquid without solid. The outer lubrication structure (flush and lubricate each bearing with outer sourcing clean and pressurized liquid, and then take away heat produced by friction pair, at the same time stop solids or foreign matters from entering the bearings to guarantee the normal operation) suitable for handling pulp liquids with solids or foreign matters.

Pump Rotation:

The pump is in clock wise direction viewed from driven end.


Performance Range



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Scope of application

Products are widely used in various industries and sectors of the national economy such as petrochemicals, energy and power, metallurgical mines, military ships, urban and rural water affairs, agricultural irrigation, etc., providing a large number of pumping equipment for the country's economic construction and making due contributions.






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