Heating network pump RW series
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Heating network pump RW series

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RW series heating network pump is a new product developed for the heating network system of thermal power plants. It has good anti-cavitation performance, high temperature resistance, stable and reliable operation, and long service life. It is an ideal product for thermal power generating unit heating network system. It can also be used in petrochemical industry, environmental protection engineering, etc.
Performance range:
1. The maximum temperature of the conveying medium is 120℃.
2. Flow rate: Q=234~2016m3/h
Head: H=65~136m
From the transmission end, the pump rotates counterclockwise.
Structural features:
1. The RW heat network pump is a horizontal, single-stage, double-suction, horizontal split pump. The suction and discharge pipes are cast together with the lower half of the pump body, and the rotor parts of the pump can be inspected without disassembling the pipeline and the motor.
2. Shaft seal structure:
A. Flexible graphite composite material for soft packing seal, heat-resistant temperature up to 400 ℃.
B. The friction pair of the mechanical seal is made of wear-resistant alloy, which can be repaired and reused.
C. The self-flushing system with air cooling and throttling device effectively guarantees the flushing and cooling effect of the seal.
3. Both ends of the shaft are supported by rolling bearings, and the non-transmission end is two single-row radial ball bearings, which can balance the unbalanced axial force caused by non-design point operation or casting deviation. The bearing body has a water-cooled cavity, and the surface is cast with radiating fins, which can be cooled by water or natural cooling. The oil-immersed thin oil lubrication ensures the reliable and stable operation of the bearing.
4. The pump body is made of cast iron and cast steel. The impeller and mouth ring are made of stainless steel, which improves the cavitation resistance of the pump.
5. In order to facilitate the update of the old equipment, its performance parameter range and installation dimensions are consistent with the sh type.
From the driving direction, the pump rotates counterclockwise, and all the pumps are manufactured in accordance with the AP1610 standard.
Model Description:

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Scope of application

Products are widely used in various industries and sectors of the national economy such as petrochemicals, energy and power, metallurgical mines, military ships, urban and rural water affairs, agricultural irrigation, etc., providing a large number of pumping equipment for the country's economic construction and making due contributions.






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